black detail drawing painting teal

I WANT WOMEN'S VOICES AMPLIFIED. SO DO A LOT OF WOMEN LIKE ME. Oooops, did I just yell in all caps? The funny thing is I hit all caps on accident, but then decided to leave it, because that's the point of this blog. amplification Even when we work extra hard, when we shout, when we triple check our work, when we put ourselves out there, still we tend to get dismissed or ignored. Thankfully this topic keeps being researched these days, so that IS something. Then I read an article that reminded me—that even when we do get published,...

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sketchbook page turner 40

art art process drawing sketchbook video

I cannot believe this, but I have shared 40 sketchbooks on YouTube! 40! Each sketchbook has about 60 (or more pages) that's a whole lot of drawings!!! Ok, enough already. Here is the video. Please come back soon, because I have more sketchbooks from 2021 to share.

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kinda a mess...

art collage drawing sketchbook video

I made this. A string of prayer flags. Sorry no picture of the string of flags hanging in my studio. Anyway. I took it apart. The string of flags. Then I put the flags in a small sketchbook. A sample page. I do not think that this "project" or "creative idea" is finished. I simply housed the idea for a while into a small sketchbook. Maybe it could be a book or a set of cards or stickers... I really don't know. Output matters though. Making what cannot sell makes sense, even though it is kinda a mess... So you...

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feminist ahead of her time

art collage drawing painting

Every once in a while I run into work of an artist that I feel must reach a larger audience. Hannah Höch from Germany is one such person. I am really glad that I am seeing female artists, that have been historically underrepresented, beginning to be brought to light. Click the link if you'd like to read more. And for good measure, an image of my work. This petite 4 x 4 inch painting will be available very soon here on my website. If you are interested now, simply email me and I will ship. Like Hannah Höch I...

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handmade sketchbook

Earlier this year I made a sketchbook entirely from scraps of goodies in my studio. The entire book is handmade! I only used collage and I adore how this little book turned out. After living with it in my studio since July 2021 and opening it and adding to it here and there I feel like it is finally ready for its forever home. Might that be your home? Take a look, then decide. Holding this lovely little book in your hands might delight you as much as I found joy while making it!

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