sketchbook page turner 37

art art process drawing sketchbook stickers video

Hello Everyone! In this new website and my newly established blog I have not shared a sketchbook video ... until today! I used to try and make one sketchbook video per month. This also means I am filling at least one sketchbook per month! Yep, I try to draw as often as possible. Sometimes I even make my own sketchbooks. For this video though, I simply share one tidbit about how my pages evolve from something I see out in the world into some imaginary creature or world on the page. I hope you enjoy the video! This is Sketchbook...

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Grab your ladder. Cover your eyes. Run. Go to places unknown. Stop working in the way that social constructs have taught you. Easier said than done! Culture... is the set of behavioral norms and unwritten rules that shape how individuals interact and get work done. —Clare Moncrieff How we have been getting work done is on the shoulders of women. People seem to wonder why there are so many available jobs these days... of course there are as many reasons as there are people. However, let's take a look at this statistic: a March 2021 U.S. Census Bureau population survey...

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women's voices

There is no mystery, women feel silenced all over the globe. From 2018-2020 I made paintings to represent my thoughts on women who feel silenced, including myself. The painting below is different from many images in the series in that it shows the back of a woman looking out a blank window. The other paintings in the series are mostly portraits of the faces of women, albeit very abstracted. Empty Waiting, Mixed Media Collage, 16 x 16 inches, Suggested Price $1,600. I recently found an article for a woman, Zeenat, that is selling cosmetics to women in order to fund and...

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i once was a little girl

art collage drawing painting

I was born in the United States in Wisconsin. But at age 4, I moved with my family to Mexico and then Brazil, returning to the United States in time for high school. I once was a little girl who confused what language I ought to be speaking and with whom. I understood airports and airplanes as a way to visit my grandparents and extended family in the United States. I often saw the world from the air over the wings of a jet. Things were so small down there. To make sense of these confusing country and language changes,...

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ditch the boss

My painting (as shown above) Armless Juggle is a nod to women everywhere who have tried to live by the terms of social norms or other people's expectations. Living for others is possible, but ultimately not healthy. Armless Juggle is the boss! Since women are increasingly working as entrepreneurs and working from home this painting can be a reminder of that feeling of not being enough, not having enough time to juggle everything, and importantly knowing that we are not alone in this juggle to make the world fit us. There is also hope in this painting! A ladder to...

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