Made to inspire your tender stories.

SuzZine is a humbly hand-made mini-magazine for women flirting with how to create wacky wonderful wisdom-full creative escapades for themselves. Each 8 page (sometimes more) issue is filled with compassionate content encouraging women to honor their vibrant voice and unearthed stories.

I cull content from my daily life: like a personal letter-booklet from me to you looking at the world through a feminist lens. Each of my stories, essays, drawings, games, and creative idea starters normalizes daily creativity and joyful down time in a world that values hyper-productivity and financial outcome.

This goodness is mailed to you nearly every month via post and includes a sticker too!

Tangible. Readable. Weirdness. Suzannisms rule this little paper world—I fall onto the pages of the zine with my drawings and writing and fully normalize my internal voice. For me handheld objects of quixotic amusement, like this zine, is even better when the ideas inspire insights and leave others questioning the world we live in.

As soon as your SuzZine arrives you have a choice!

Read it right away or savor it after a rough day, read it once or pick it up as a pick-me-up, either way SuzZine will have you saying "huh? what for?" in the very best way. In time SuzZine will have you asking yourself: "What do I have to say and how? What tender stories are lurking in my heart?"

You'll experience that specific joy that comes from opening your mail box to find not just junk mail but also the newest issue of SuzZine! You'll be savoring the creative encouragement that you know will keep arriving a month at a time made with you in mind.

Each issue includes a nerdy bit of research as seen through my lens, sometimes a word game and/or creative prompts and ideas, and always line drawings to color if you wish. Eyefuls of whimsical curiosities and stories from my heart to yours. An on-going theme is about grief, because our world as we know it has changed tremendously since the COVID-19 pandemic emerged and grief requires us to bear witness to the change at hand. I'll also share what I am reading because what we make comes from what we know and learn.

Quite a few readers have already told me how meaningful SuzZine has been for them, below are some of the most recent comments:

I just finished reading the zine again and it's just such a gift! A little story of art and a sketchbook, all in one and in my hand. Thank you so much, I'm honored to be a recipient! xoxo —Lori


Awww. Love your creative spirit and curious and open mind!! —Eliza


New sticker (already on my sketchbook) and a beautiful zine, by the ever so generous and inspiring Suzanne of SuzZine. —Koosje


I love the latest SuzZINE! Each day I spend some time looking for words. It’s fun and engaging to do so without a word list. Thank you 😄 —Jenny


I did not solve the whole word search. 😬 But Emma was able to complete the donut. —Samantha


Thank you for the zine. I loved loved loved it. You rock. Xoxo —Willa


Suzanne, I loved the zine and am so looking forward to the next one! —Jean


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