Suzanne Gibbs, ©2018, Parent Sandwich, mixed media on wood cradled panel, 24 x 24 inches, $720

Parent Sandwich pictured above is available.

The work on this page is from a series called Grids From Within, more of this series can be found here. This series consists of multi colored grid paintings that resemble checkerboards. Each painting is a personal portrait, I attempt to flatten the hierarchy of my thoughts. I make meaning out of meaninglessness—viewers add their own perspective.

I use layers of written personal musings that lie under and over collage squares of paper, canvas, crayon, and/or paint. Often the layers are sanded to reveal and conceal what lies beneath and painted again or rubbed with rags to arrive at just the right patina.

In many squares the viewer may find that I have painted reassembled patterns as seen on quotidian objects, spaces, and places—the patterns serve to mask the personal character of the work. My life has been one of conscientiously living within “normal” societal boundaries and expectations, even when I have not wished to do so. Through unrestrained containment my enthusiastic desire to communicate visually finds a way within the structure of the grid.

In general, my art is idealistic and made in a spontaneous and direct manner. The work calls upon my viewer’s understanding of daily production, repetition, and the realities of each of our own incessant internal chatter. The strength lies in my art’s elegance and confidence.

Suzanne Gibbs, ©2018, Lost Voice, mixed media on wood cradled panel, 10 x 10 inches, $300

Before, during, and after creating my larger paintings color combination practice samples and tests are made on postcard sized watercolor paper. Sometimes these cards are sent as fine art original postcards to collectors. However, I have also been known to cut these up and collage them into the larger paintings they indented to inspire.

Suzanne Gibbs, ©2018, 100 Postcard Series, Mixed Media, varied sizes, (In Progress)

Suzanne Gibbs, ©2018, Terrible, Flashe paint and other media on wood cradled panel, 14 x 11 inches, $375

Suzanne Gibbs, ©2018, Art Postcard, Mixed Media, Printed Version.

FREE Postcard Invitation

For FREE postcard art please email me your mailing address at: Please note FREE postcards are not original art, you will get a printed postcard. I make these 4-6 times per year. If I am all out of current stock, I will send you a postcard in my subsequent mailings. Thank you for your patience when ordering your FREE postcard art.

Suzanne Gibbs, ©2018, Art Postcard, process image of printed postcards prior to mailing.

Suzanne Gibbs, ©2018, No Words, Flashe paint and other media on wood cradled panel, 10 x 10 inches, $300