Welcome to Silly Girl Factory

Listen To Me, drawing made in Illustrator using a Wacom Illustration pad. 20014. Suzanne Gibbs Studio

I am an artist who writes and a writer that draws, paints, uses collage or whatever I need — this is how I communicate and process all that goes on in the world.

While creating, drawing, painting, writing, and thinking up zillions of projects I am my best and most true self! This is how Silly Girl Factory was born.


Suzanne is passionate about these things:

  • Communication — visually and through stories.
  • Painting, drawing, collage, and writing.
  • Expanding community through sharing art.
  • Good health. Mind. Body. Spirit.
  • Reading. Reading. Reading.

Do you have a specific question for me? Please use the contact page for your inquiries. I check my in-box daily!

Cool, thanks for reading! Here is a testimonial from none other than my Mother:

“Did you know that when we lived in Mexico and Suzanne was about 6 years old, she used to paint and draw on paper on the brick floor of our house? Sometimes she would invite the neighborhood children and the long corridor would be filled with large pieces of paper, crayons, paints, and such. It looked like a classroom. I think Suzanne loved to do this more than anything, except maybe ride her bike.” Nancy, Suzanne’s Mom