Hi! I am Suzanne!

Artist, author, and an advocate for women's stories, because well told stories are a means of changing social structures and cultural norms and there is a lot that needs changing in our world.

I believe in making creativity a daily priority even though the world does not support this choice telling us that our voices and our stories do not matter, but they do.

Giving our inner world and imagination the generosity of our time is a form of creativity. How we live, listen to, and see each daily moment matters. The point of being creative is to pay attention to our quiet unheard voices and developing our curiosity in how we live, what we hear and see. Once we make something from the voice inside, we get to choose to share the work or not. Either way, we change from the process of listening to the voice inside and figuring out our stories. This awareness changes the world. This is creative defiance.

My goal is to help women tap into the strength of their visual and written voice. To heal, to grow, and to express their tender stories in their own way.

SuzZine is my newest project and is made to inspire your tender stories.

A zine is a self-published booklet, like a mini-magazine. SuzZine is 8 pages and full of stories, essays, drawings, games, and creative idea starters. I mail this goodness via post almost every month and include a sticker too.

In nature we tune in, in quiet we can listen, and in creativity we find our voice.