Hi! I am Suzanne!

For me, the creative habit as a daily priority.

As an artist, author, and an advocate for women's stories, I enjoy encouraging others along their creative journey. My goal is to help others tap into the strength of their visual and written voice. To then heal, grow, and express their tender stories in their own way.

I believe well told stories are a means of changing social structures and cultural norms. But most of all, stories unite us and create collaborative communities.

The world tries to tell us that creativity is a luxury and that our voices and our stories do not matter, but deep down we know we matter. Giving our inner world and imagination the generosity of our time is time well spent.

Tell your own story, and you will be interesting.
—Louise Bourgeois


In July 2023 SuzZine will begin it's 3rd year of publication!

I make SuzZine to inspire tender stories, while also knowing that one piece of personal mail can be a sweet antidote to everyday life!

A zine is a self-published booklet, like a mini-magazine (and pronounced like the last part of magazine or "suz-zeen"). SuzZine is 8 pages or more. Made full of stories, essays, drawings, games, and creative idea starters. Sometimes I send small art or tools for making your own art.

I mail this goodness via post every month and include a sticker too.

In nature we tune in, in quiet we can listen,
and in creativity we find our voice.