SG Studio Gallery
108 3rd St. Hood River, OR

Experience the art of Suzanne Gibbs in a new community art space.

Be sure to also check out the SG Art Making Mixer events that are hosted on a regular basis. All events are deliberately designed to encourage creativity and a little bit of slowing down in today's fast paced world.

Based in The Pacific Northwest, Suzanne is an artist, author, owner and curator of fine art at the newly established SG Studio Gallery in Hood River, Oregon.

Currently creating Stitch & So: a contemplation of repair and renewal. This series of small works is made with paper, paint, and thread.

Previous series include Shhh: say nothing an honest look at silenced voices and Dot Dilemma: incessant internal chatter that matters.

In each of these series, Suzanne's abstract works hold cantankerous snippets of visual information in an attempt to make sense of what she feels is a chaotic world. Having grown up outside of the United States in both Mexico and Brazil she brings a larger cultural view to everything she does and makes. Suzanne's idealistic philosophy is that everyone ought to be able to thrive and have their voices heard.

Passionate about the physical nature of being human, Suzanne can frequently be found in local yoga or Pilates classes and spending time outside hiking and in other pursuits in nature.

In addition to making art, Suzanne makes and ships SuzZine monthly. This publication is created to inspire tender stories and critical thinking, while also being just plain fun. Receiving one piece of personal mail is a sweet antidote to everyday life!

A zine is a self-published booklet, like a mini-magazine (and pronounced like the last part of magazine or "suz-zeen"). SuzZine is 8 pages or more. Made full of stories, essays, drawings, games, and creative idea starters. Sometimes included is small art or tools for making your own art.

A little known secret:
Mail me a Zine and I will mail you one in return, free! Yes, free.

A second secret:

Mail me a few USA stamps and I will drop a SuzZine in the mail for you.

Something that is not really a secret:
I love mailing art!