functional art items retire soon


Functional art items on Suzanne Gibbs Art + SuzZine website and shop will retire soon.

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intrapersonal intelligence

stickers SuzZine

SuzZine is made with with you in mind and a huge serving of curiosity, exploration, and love.

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post-holiday gift giving + getting

I have gift cards. These are good for anything on my website! Gift Card Link Here Also, Stickers! This is the first of what will be 12 new sticker designs for 2023! Gift Cards are great for: SuzZine Subscriptions Paintings Stickers Curiosities! and you can even gift yourself or someone else the gift of working with me to develop one's creative expression and tender stories. Our stories shape the world we live in. PS. This sticker is not yet on my website. As a subscriber you are seeing it first and I am happy to ship ASAP, simply email me...

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sticker party


Buy 1 get 4 Free.

Sticker Party lasts only as long as my current inventory holds up. When they are sold out, the party ends.

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sketchbook page turner 56

art process collage drawing painting sketchbook video

In keeping with my last blog post, where I talked about a sketchbook that challenged me, here is a sketchbook that was even more challenging. This book took me years to fill. Not weeks, not months, years. Basically I purchased a sketchbook that I thought I would like and it turned out I hated carting it around. It is a woping 12 x 9 inch heavy weight paper sketchbook. Not one to "waste" supplies I kept at it and finally filled the entire book! Honestly, like so much in life working on something until it feels complete—instead of abandoned—feels so...

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