sketchbook page turner 55

I have a sketchbook to share that is different from the ones of the past few years. Typically I have filled a sketchbook almost every month for the past 2+ years and they have mostly been filled with drawings made in a Canson sketchbook using a Unibal pen.

All that changed in June of this year when I decided to:

  1. take an online illustration class
  2. buy a sketchbook designed for illustrators (the paper is slick, made for markers mostly, is very white and a square format)—Illio
  3. use color on every page

Making these changes made filling a sketchbook take a rather longer time than when I was doing work that had become relatively "easy" for me.

Here is the video page turner of my newest filled sketchbook. Thanks for viewing and subscribing to my YouTube channel!

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