made a mini-book

Hi there!

Thanks for taking a quick break to view my art and fun stuff.

Today I am sharing images of a tiny little empty book that I made.

The fabric came from remnants from a friend who makes quilts. Thank you Sarah Atlee. The inside paper is from cut up grocery bags. The card-stock for the cover was from a cheerios box! Basically a ton of repurposed materials. With glue, scissors, X-acto blades to cut the card-stock, and waxed book binding thread to stitch the signatures together.

I ripped the paper in order to have fuzzy textural edges—the inside

the pages

a pen so that you can see the size

I love making these and then thinking of people filling them up with treasured thoughts and tender stories©. Please let me know if I can make one for you! I would be more than happy to oblige—a sort of mini commission piece. You could make color suggestions, however this will be determined by the stock of scraps I have on hand.

Each book takes over an hour to make, so please consider that when ordering I may need a week or two before I ship. I am still a beginner at binding books, but it is so much fun! I'd like to make these on a pay-what-you-wish scale. Thanks for trusting me with your creative adventures.

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