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June has been a slow-ish month for me. I have been feeling as though I need a little extra rest. So yes, naps on Sundays! Yeah for that. Along with extra rest has come spending days and hours in my sketchbook, filling pages simply for the joy of moving paint around. This doing joy thing works. Try it!

Enjoy sketchbook video number 54!

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  • Suzanne on

    Hi Jean, thanks for asking! The three kinds of sketchbooks I use most often are: Canson (spiral bound), Hand*Book, and Kata Golda. My favorite (of my most used sketchbooks) for wet media is HandBook by Global Art Materials. If budget was of no concern I’d use Stillman & Birn Beta Series. I adore their super thick white slightly textured paper (these even hold up to Flashe Vinyl Paint and Posca Pens, no problem!. Currently I am trying Illo sketchbooks made for illustrators. The paper is silky smooth and very extra white. Canson with Mixed Media paper is my go-to sketchbook and I have filled well over 20 of these! They recently changed their paper a little or Amazon sells a knock-off! So this is/was might be why I am trying Illo books (very resonably priced).

  • Jean on

    What are your favorite sketchbooks for wet media? Your sketchbooks are inspiring me to just jump in and have fun. I love seeing your page-turners. Nice insight into the creative process. They look like fun.

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