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zine meeting changed


SuzZine Readers Only an important notice Ooops! Life. Something has come up. I am safe and doing 100% ok but I cannot keep a commitment I made to you in the last zine I sent. Ugh, so sorry! Tomorrow at 2PM PST we were supposed to meet via zoom, but I need to reschedule. Please accept my apologies. We will meet on Sunday at 2PM PST. Here is your private link: This link will place you in a waiting room and I will let you in. Once we are all gathered we can talk about (and solve) this month's...

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my zine people

art process collage SuzZine zine

Each time I begin the process of making the next month's zine in my mind I am thinking, "what would my zine people want?" Ooof! Yea, I think this way! In February "my zine people" received a gift of a hand made hand stitched greeting card to use as they wish. I thought it would be fun to 1) try something new and send work that I make that is experimental, and 2) do some reverse gifting (February is my birthday month). Now that this date has passed, I can show you what I made! Enjoy. First, I got out...

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i name my years

SuzZine zine

2015 Love To Draw 2016 Kuzala (sanskrit for "one who is able") 2017 Two Dogs (I wanted to get a second dog, this is funny to me now) 2018 All In 2019 On Track! 2020 Art Blaze 2021 Pivot 2022 Fit + Fun Why in the world would you care to read about how I name my years? I don't know! Keep reading, there is lots in here to share! And since you are here, let's discuss. Naming my years has yielded me some awesome results that I do not think would have happened if I had not had a...

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sketchbook SuzZine video zine

Along with my Zine Project... I paint and fill sketchbooks! Lots and lots of sketchbooks! My sketchbooks can be seen page by page on YouTube. Combining writing, drawing, painting and all things Suzanne we reach what I call the world of Suzannisms, my philosophies. I no longer believe in a utopian world. No one person or people can know what is best for all. I found a word that feels more true: protopian. Were incremental progress and steps toward improvement, not perfection are valued.  My zine is made with a nod to encouraging others to unearth their precious tender stories—not...

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shhh, say nothing an artist introduction

drawing painting stickers SuzZine zine

From early 2018 through the end of 2020 I worked on one project. A series of paintings and a book called Shhh, Say Nothing: an honest look at silenced voices. Then, I wanted to make work of a friendlier tone and feel. At the beginning of 2021 I began painting dots. This new series is called, The Dot Dilemma: incessant internal chatter that matters. In June 2021 I imagined, drew, wrote, and published my first zine. SuzZine! I also designed a ton of stickers this year! One series is called Tender Stories. Another series is called Say Something. And a...

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