i name my years

2015 Love To Draw
2016 Kuzala (sanskrit for "one who is able")
2017 Two Dogs (I wanted to get a second dog, this is funny to me now)
2018 All In
2019 On Track!
2020 Art Blaze
2021 Pivot
2022 Fit + Fun

Why in the world would you care to read about how I name my years?

I don't know!

Keep reading, there is lots in here to share!

And since you are here, let's discuss. Naming my years has yielded me some awesome results that I do not think would have happened if I had not had a singular focus for the entire year!

For example, I do own two dogs!

Importantly, in my Pivot year I went from painting full-time and chasing my tail with too many projects and ideas swirling in my head, to instead, creating SuzZine and an entirely new website! These are 2 huge Pivots!

A pivot is what happens on the basketball court. I remember so fondly from my high school years as a player. While a player dribbles the ball, one foot must stay on the court and a player can swivel around the stuck foot while moving her body around looking for the next best open spot to toss the ball. As long as a player keeps dribbling and keeps a foot on the floor the options are endless! Unless an opponent steals the ball!

March may seem like a terrible time to suggest naming your year! But, maybe not. Maybe this is the perfect time! You're a few months in, you know what some of the year has in store for you, you know some of what has NOT worked for you!

So, if you haven't yet, name your year! OR if you have named your year, do you need a pivot? Maybe a change?

name your year

See if it makes a difference. Who knows, maybe you can make a new life happen with two dogs and 2 pivots!

Plus, we are at the end of first quarter of 2022. Are things going your way? If not...

Here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. What has worked really well so far in 2022? Name it!
  2. What have you done so far that feels like a win?
  3. Anything unusual about this year?
  4. What are you expecting, but not sure it will happen?
  5. Anything that you keep putting on hold that feels like it's time?
  6. What do you want to get rid of? Naming the opposite!
  7. Do you want more money? Be bold enough to name the rest of your year Make Money!
  8. Need some skill development? What skill?
  9. Tired of alone time? Maybe get vaccinated and get out there, who are you going to spend your time with? What will you be doing?
  10. Do you have a special hobby that thrills you? Are you doing it?
  11. If you became a "bad girl" how would you spend the rest of 2022?
  12. Have you taken a look at your bucket list? There are some words on there.
  13. Is there someone or something that you miss?

name your year

I feel so vulnerable telling you my names from my past years, but at the same time these are a part of how and why I get up each day. They inform how I show up in my art practice and in life.

I will leave you with this:

For me, the word FUN which is 1/2 of my FIT + FUN year means I get to ship zines and stickers to awesome people every month! To do this I need awesome people like you to order my products. And since you read this far on my blog, lucky you, I have a special surprise for you!

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