New Body of Work!

Dot Dilemma:
the importance of incessant internal chatter that matters


©2020. Suzanne Gibbs. Dots 78, Key Lime + Sky, Flashe paint, gel pen and paper collage on wood cradled panel, 24 x 24 inches, $800.

The dot painting series began in 2021 in response to the pandemic. Back then, we often stood on dots as indicated by shopkeepers to keep our bodies six feet apart from one another. I am interested in dots as a metaphor of the times we live in.

Even though dots and circles are playful, like a child's toy ball, standing on them in grim circumstances changed their meaning for me forever.

Unfortunately, even though the worst of the pandemic has waned,  in many ways we have continued to “stand on dots” in how we operate as humans. We act as if we have bubbles surrounding us in public and on social media, and many times even in our own homes with friends and family.

We’re loosing our ability to grasp or even just listen to other people’s viewpoints. I am interested in bursting each others and even my own bubbles at this point. Important conversations need to happen. Thus I create a collage of objects on a surface that I then paint and stitch (by drawing lines) on top of. The collage and textures represent my internal chatter. These dots morph into various renditions as art for your walls.

The address is: 108 3rd Street, Hood River, Oregon. Diagonally across and up the street from Columbia Center for the Arts and very close to the Elks Club.