my zine people

Each time I begin the process of making the next month's zine in my mind I am thinking, "what would my zine people want?" Ooof! Yea, I think this way!

In February "my zine people" received a gift of a hand made hand stitched greeting card to use as they wish. I thought it would be fun to 1) try something new and send work that I make that is experimental, and 2) do some reverse gifting (February is my birthday month).

Now that this date has passed, I can show you what I made!


First, I got out a needle and thread (floss), you can see that my needle is neglected. This one has rust on it.

Next I cut lots of pieces of fabric in random sizes. Each design came with these five colors.

I made piles of fabric and stitched all of them differently from one another.

A close up.

Next, each mini fabric abstract got glued on to a craft paper card.

I like looking at all of them as a group.

Then each one was given an envelope and set aside until it was time to ship SuzZine Volume Seven in February 2022. I love pictures of envelopes. The thought of reaching out to others makes me so happy!

I am planning some future gifts that will be shipped with SuzZine, but these are for Zine Subscribers only! Link to purchase.

Also I have a very super special crazy pants offer:

50% OFF your first 3 issues of a monthly SuzZine Subscription!


Use code: ZINETRIAL with this link and start your subscription today! And I am sorry but I can only offer this super duper discount for the zine without sticker option.

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