last chance


Hello there! I am retiring my Functional Art shop. But before I do maybe there is an item or two that you have considered purchasing in the past, but didn't. Click on the image above to purchase. None of these items will arrive in time for Christmas or the Holidays. All my functional art pieces are made to order by a fulfillment center affiliated with a company called Printful. I was at one time really excited about these products, I even own several of them and use them regularly: a notebook, a sweatshirt, and a water bottle. Click on the...

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sketchbook page turner 55

art process drawing sketchbook video

I have a sketchbook to share that is different from the ones of the past few years. Typically I have filled a sketchbook almost every month for the past 2+ years and they have mostly been filled with drawings made in a Canson sketchbook using a Unibal pen. All that changed in June of this year when I decided to: take an online illustration class buy a sketchbook designed for illustrators (the paper is slick, made for markers mostly, is very white and a square format)—Illio use color on every page Making these changes made filling a sketchbook take a rather...

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frivolous and fun

art process collage detail green orange painting pattern video

Did you ever want to know how and why gel pens were invented? If so this video today is for you. Enjoy! Below the video I share a painting I made in 2021 that I never shared before now—yes, I used gel pens to create the piece. Or use this link in your browser: No, I am not getting any kickbacks or funds from sharing this gel pen video. It's just fun facts! And also, I use a ton of Uni-ball pens in Black and White ink in my work (a type of pen featured towards the end of...

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make life meaningful

A meaningful life is close to, but at points importantly different from, a happy life. I think we can sometimes forget this truth. Here are some of the ingredients of a meaningful life: love, family, work, friendship, culture, politics, nature and philosophy Following are some excerpts from The School Of Life. A meaningful life draws upon, and exercises, a range of our higher capacities, for example, those bound up with tenderness, care, connection, self-understanding, sympathy, intelligence and creativity. Dots 32, Baby Blue + Peach Pattern, Tan, Teal & Salmon Pattern, 8 x 8 inches, mixed media on paper, ©2021 Suzanne...

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what happens to unsold work

art blue painting

Unsold work of dead artists lands in the hands and homes of the living. When an artist is "famous" unsold work may go to auction and then the profits are shared with families or other entities. One artist I know of, Clyfford Still, set up a will during his life in order for his art to be put on display in a museum that was willing to house his entire collection of works. You can read about this here. To ask oneself "what happens to unsold work" is such an excellent question. I recently moved, and found myself really asking...

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