sketchbook page turner 46

Hello! I am excited to share a sketchbook that really became all about testing, showing up, making marks, messes, and tests on the pages. Best of all, I made this particular sketchbook by hand! It was actually my first ever handmade book, but then I fell in love with making books and made others to share before this one was fully filled up. Now it is full and ready for a sketchbook page turner video! Whoot! How do we get to the point where we can hear our tiny tender stories? Pages like the ones in this sketchbook, pages and...

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art brown collage cream moss painting pattern

When new systems of social structure become adopted, they too will not be forever systems. As in nature, change is inevitable. How we respond to it is up to us.

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sketchbok page turner 45

Sketchbook Tour. Sketchbook Page Turner Video 45. Handmade sketchbook of patterns—made with watercolor and Posca Pens. This sketchbook is made with one specific theme in mind—patterns—and is now available in my Curiosities Collection. Read to the end for a special offer. As I continue on my path of learning how to put my own handcrafted books together I am also thinking about how to encourage others to make their internal ideas and stories visible. I welcome feedback and/or suggestions or questions on this topic—because tender stories matter. Do you want to learn how to make a book like this one?...

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stamps & cash

Lately, I have had a few people mail me stamps and cash in the mail while also thanking me for sending them their free copy of SuzZine. A gift of stamps and cash is automatically met with me sending an additional SuzZine or two! Because a fan of Suzanne is a fan and a customer too! While I would prefer a subscription sign-up (ease of tracking) I am OPEN to other means of payment. For example, I have a small select few zine-ster friends with whom I trade zines! I mean, if they are going to send me some of...

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sketchbook page turner 44

art art process collage sketchbook video

When drawing is just not an option, but making something is necessary for health and joy, try building a collage sketchbook from ephemera.

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