made a mini-book

art process collage sketchbook

Hi there! Thanks for taking a quick break to view my art and fun stuff. Today I am sharing images of a tiny little empty book that I made. The fabric came from remnants from a friend who makes quilts. Thank you Sarah Atlee. The inside paper is from cut up grocery bags. The card-stock for the cover was from a cheerios box! Basically a ton of repurposed materials. With glue, scissors, X-acto blades to cut the card-stock, and waxed book binding thread to stitch the signatures together. I ripped the paper in order to have fuzzy textural edges—the inside...

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sketchbook page turner 52

sketchbook SuzZine

I made more sketchbook and resulting videos than I was able to share in "real time" on this weekly blog. This sketchbook was completed in April 2022, and I am only adding it to my blog now, in June! Enjoy! And, please remember my SuzZine readers ALWAYS see images of my work BEFORE any online sharing of the work happens! Use code: ZINETRIAL for 50% OFF (first issue only).

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buy 2 get 1 free

Stickers! Get your water bottles and sketchbook covers ready for summer. While quantities last Buy 2 Get 1 Free from my Say Something Series. Simply use code: ONEFREE at checkout. Below are the images of the stickers in this special pricing. I know you want one, or maybe three! ;)  

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sketchbook page turner 51

This video represents yet another hand-crafted little collage assembly book. Most of the unique and handmade paper used to make the book came from Oblation Paper and Press. Oblation papers are almost exclusively made from recycled unwanted paper products and waste from the fashion industry. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed making this little treasure. I also want to give a quick shout out to Kata Golda. Most of the fabric in this book came from remnants I purchased from them that are "left overs" from their process for making products. This little book truly...

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mock interview

Where do you find your inspiration for your work? Mostly from the everyday. I am working on living each moment. I also heavily rely on mass media, such as magazines or blogs that others write. I read a ton of books every year. Describe you creative process. Do you have any patterns, routines, or rituals when you are in your studio? I think the most notable part of my process is that I do not have patterns, routines, or rituals. I simply love to make things and when something is not working I will move on to something else. If...

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