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sketchbook page turner 56

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In keeping with my last blog post, where I talked about a sketchbook that challenged me, here is a sketchbook that was even more challenging. This book took me years to fill. Not weeks, not months, years. Basically I purchased a sketchbook that I thought I would like and it turned out I hated carting it around. It is a woping 12 x 9 inch heavy weight paper sketchbook. Not one to "waste" supplies I kept at it and finally filled the entire book! Honestly, like so much in life working on something until it feels complete—instead of abandoned—feels so...

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sketchbook page turner 55

art process drawing sketchbook video

I have a sketchbook to share that is different from the ones of the past few years. Typically I have filled a sketchbook almost every month for the past 2+ years and they have mostly been filled with drawings made in a Canson sketchbook using a Unibal pen. All that changed in June of this year when I decided to: take an online illustration class buy a sketchbook designed for illustrators (the paper is slick, made for markers mostly, is very white and a square format)—Illio use color on every page Making these changes made filling a sketchbook take a rather...

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sketchbook page turner 42

art art process detail drawing sketchbook

Another Sketchbook Tour. Sketchbook Page Turner 42 by Suzanne Gibbs Art. Sketchbook of drawings from October 2021—December 2021. Includes sketches found in my newest project: SuzZine. SuzZine is a subscription based zine with all sorts of fun creative idea starters: made to inspire your tender stories. What will you share with others and with yourself in 2022? Would you consider hitting SUBSCRIBE on my YouTube Channel? Yeah, well, thanks! Interestingly, I cannot name my own channel until I get 100 subscribers, even though I have published over 100 videos! Ahhh, the algorithms of Social Media!

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feminism isn't working

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In 2021 I stumbled upon this article, and at the time I knew I wanted to save and savor the idea, but I had no idea how to share my thoughts around the article. In the title of this blog I said: feminism isn't working OK, we start from there. Is this true that feminism isn't working? Yes, in many ways we could 100% argue that feminism is a word, a concept, and a political viewpoint that has merits, but has not fulfilled any or enough promises. So sadly yea, feminism is not working. There is one line in the...

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I WANT WOMEN'S VOICES AMPLIFIED. SO DO A LOT OF WOMEN LIKE ME. Oooops, did I just yell in all caps? The funny thing is I hit all caps on accident, but then decided to leave it, because that's the point of this blog. amplification Even when we work extra hard, when we shout, when we triple check our work, when we put ourselves out there, still we tend to get dismissed or ignored. Thankfully this topic keeps being researched these days, so that IS something. Then I read an article that reminded me—that even when we do get published,...

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