I WANT WOMEN'S VOICES AMPLIFIED. SO DO A LOT OF WOMEN LIKE ME. Oooops, did I just yell in all caps? The funny thing is I hit all caps on accident, but then decided to leave it, because that's the point of this blog.


Even when we work extra hard, when we shout, when we triple check our work, when we put ourselves out there, still we tend to get dismissed or ignored.

Thankfully this topic keeps being researched these days, so that IS something. Then I read an article that reminded me—that even when we do get published, the work might go ignored...

But there is another reason behind these disparities — one that is less discussed but equally important. Women’s research is less likely to be cited, even after they’ve published in prestigious medical journals.

Sited from this article. Ugh. :|

Amplification of women's voices, ideas, and choices are important. Without amplification, the careers of women will continue to trail behind men.

What can we do? Shout into a void—eventually we might be heard. Nah!

Better to focus on changing what CAN get changed.

Better to focus on what's important to you!

Better to BE you.

Ok to get angry, then use the anger to motivate and amplify.


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