sketchbook filling

Need information on some sketchbooks?

The three kinds of sketchbooks I use most often are:
Canson Mixed Media (spiral bound)
Stillman & Birn Alpha, Beta & Zeta Series
spiral bound edge of canson sketchbooks
Canson with Mixed Media paper has been my go-to sketchbook and I have filled well over 20 of these! They recently changed their paper a little or Amazon sells a knock-off! Yes, I can feel when the paper is only slightly different, nerdy for sure.
collection of Handbook© sketchbooks
Handbook© Sketchbooks. I love the size of these, easy to carry along. I don't love the slightly yellowish paper color. Also, the paper does not love wet paint.
spines of a collection of sketchbooks filled by suzanne gibbs
These are my beloved Stillman & Birn. I am slowly growing my collection of these.
If budget was of no concern, I'd use Stillman & Birn, always, I think. In fact, Page Turner 59 is my work in a Stillman & Birn Beta. I adore their super thick white slightly textured paper. These even hold up to Flashe Vinyl Paint and Posca Pens, no problem! I have made pages of collage in these also, no problem. Each variation of the series has a different paper weight and page count.
three black sketchbooks covered with stickers
The covers of a few of my Stillman & Birn's.
I have also tried Illo sketchbooks made for illustrators (no image of these). The paper is silky smooth and very extra white. In the end, though I did not like the silky smooth paper, I like a bit more scratch and texture while I draw. Illo would be fantastic for artists who work mostly with markers.
an image of the spines of a selection of very small sketchbooks
I also have boxes full of sketchbooks that are about the size of my hand. This size is awesome to have tucked away in a car, purse, drawer or whatever and fill them willy nilly just for fun!
I recently, went through one of these (when I went to take this picture) and almost brought myself to tears. The little story I had illustrated and written was so very raw and personal. Maybe, this might need to be fleshed out and published. I'll be thinking about this.
Thank you for viewing, thank you for reading. Questions and comments are always welcome.
PS. My sketchbooks inform all the work that goes to my amazing SuzZine subscribers. These people are special, they get to see and own a bit of work out of my sketchbook before I share any of the images with the rest of the world. In this way SuzZine is sort of like a personal trip through my brain and studio every single month. Order here.
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