feminism isn't working

In 2021 I stumbled upon this article, and at the time I knew I wanted to save and savor the idea, but I had no idea how to share my thoughts around the article.

In the title of this blog I said: feminism isn't working

OK, we start from there. Is this true that feminism isn't working? Yes, in many ways we could 100% argue that feminism is a word, a concept, and a political viewpoint that has merits, but has not fulfilled any or enough promises. So sadly yea, feminism is not working.

There is one line in the article that stopped me, and had me rereading, reconsidering, rethinking what I have heard and believed all my life from people I trust. Here is the sentence:

As a society, we treat poverty itself like a crime, like the women experiencing it are making bad choices for themselves and their children on purpose.

and this one about feminists in a place of leadership:

They have chosen to take a seat at the table instead of trying to build new ones.

Gasp. Yes, thanks for the challenge!

I hope you will read the article. I love how words can change or at least inform our thinking.

I decided to share this Dot Painting with this article because it visually shows have we are all dots within dots—interconnected. The sooner we all realize that what is done to one is done to all, the better off all humans will be.

Dots 42, Yellow, Peach, Pink & Teal Pattern is available here.

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