is it really me

I make SuzZine with others in mind. But also SuzZine is me laid bare.

Basically, I dig in an think what do I want to say? Do I have anything to say? Gosh, I don't. Then I look at illustrations I have made and then I just start to write. Sometimes.

Other times I draw more and then the whole thing just sorta comes together. Sometimes 8 pages, once 12 pages, and when I feel extra chatty I make a 16 page zine! Those are the juicier months, I think, but not always.

I have been told I am "curt or pithy with her observations." I feel proud of this. Yes, I think being rude and forceful is a good thing, especially from someone who has often stayed silent and attempted to be the "good girl" and make "good grades" and not "make waves" and "think 10 times before talking" and so on...

Maybe, just maybe I am coming into my own through the monthly processing and sharing of SuzZine. Also, on August 22, 2024 I will be 59 1/2 years old/young. And well on my way to being a crone! Super exciting.

So, it being curt and pithy really me? Yes, I sure do hope so. And I hope that me will increase the vigor of harsh honest insightful words. Our world needs our truths.

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