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Suzanne's Remnant Envelope | Curated Collage Papers | SuzArt Fun Pack

Suzanne's Remnant Envelope | Curated Collage Papers | SuzArt Fun Pack

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Bring the joy and whimsy of Suzanne's imagination to your own collage and creative projects. Each grab bag contains a thoughtfully chosen assortment of various paper scraps. Sometimes my patterns and painting scraps, random bits of paper painted with quality artist Flashe Vinyl paint, curated thrift store and Etsy finds, dots and square shaped cut paper, and goodies from my drawing adventures. Sometimes magazines cut up and randomly selected.

Total weight is at 1 oz. or more and each pack is filled with stuff I love and has already been used to some extent in my own art practice. Included are: pattern paper, zine pages mess ups, stickers, cards with paint chips or hand lettering. Never the same.

Nothing is smaller than .25 inches square and nothing is larger than 5.5 x 9 inches. I use all sorts of weights of paper from tissue to card stock and even fancy water color paper or heavier chip board. Each packet will include both light and heavy weight papers.

All the pieces are ready for you to use and enjoy!  Grab yourself a SuzArt Fun Pack to embellish and decorate your collage sketchbook. Or make an art piece of your own with these elements as a starter by adding pops of color to your own creativity. 

Each pile comes in an 6 x 4.5 inch envelope with a sticker seal. Items in each pack will vary. What will you make?

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