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Creative Mentoring

Creative Mentoring

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What I offer.

One-on-one creative mentoring. One half hour zoom call at a time, weekly or bi-monthly. With text support in between calls.

I prefer to work with those that need:

  1. To get unstuck.
  2. To prepare for a show, event, or publication that is happening within 9 months time.
  3. A select timeline in which they know they need support.

I am not the right person to work with if:

  1. You want to chit-chat, complain, and make up excuses.
  2. You need long-term support over 12 months or more.
  3. You do not already have a studio practice.

I only work with a maximum of 7 clients at a time.

My focus is always on giving you a place to be heard so that you can get yourself back on track in your creative work. I make this as simple as possible for both of us so that your time back in the studio feels joyful and purposeful.

My rate is $50 for a single session. $35 each for 2 or 4 sessions per month. Sessions are 30 minute zoom calls. We stay within the time frame. Always.

Why trust me? Who am I?

I am a life-long artist and a self-published author of 3 books and now a monthly zine sent via mail to subscribers around the globe. I have been in numerous group art exhibits and have done a few solo shows.

My art is idealistic (and so am I). As I work, I address a personal incessant internal chatter that matters, but is rarely heard. We all have this voice. My earnestly whimsical drawings and paintings call upon the viewer’s understanding of common daily repetitive work, especially that of women. Work that goes unnoticed and unpaid. The strength of my images lies in my art’s composed confidence.

When I write books, the topics are on subjects that I am curious about. I research, write, and learn at the same time that I create. I find solutions are within me. I am a feminist who is figuring out what it means to be a feminist. I often ponder my place in the world as a culture producer.

I have earned my wings as a creative being. Studio time is a daily given practice that I know I will never give up. I have also been through two masters degrees, one for communication (MS) and another for studio art (MFA). I have worked in many capacities as an art teacher and advocate for art since 1995. Art Biz Success (with Alyson B. Stanfield) and Sketchbook Skool (with Koosje Koene and Danny Gregory) have trusted me as a creative mentor in their communities.

My Art and Business evolution.

My art and business are ever-evolving! The one thing I know that can and does make for success is doing the work, failing (or succeeding), and building one’s resilience to keep on trying.

Through hiring and working with amazing creative coaches I have learned valuable insights that improve the business and personal sides of my creative endeavors. The lessons I have learned (and will continue to learn) I am more than happy to share generously.

Basically I work to make my life one in which I have more time to make more art. And making art (or cheering other people on to be creative) is really all I ever feel like doing!

My Creative Philosophy

I adore helping others to explore their creative voices—especially to inspire the discovery of ones tender stories. We all have whispers of silenced stories within us. I believe these unspoken and unheard voices can change the world.

I believe in taking action, each small daily step towards bigger goals and dreams matters. I believe in this concept even when the tiny steps are the wrong steps and lead down unhelpful paths. Why? Because when we take the time to evaluate the “wrong steps” and the “unhelpful paths” what we come away with is realizing our next and newer step ahead. Curiosity leads the way.

Learning from inaction is impossible.

Growth, like life itself, is a cycle: do, evaluate, reject or accept, research, do over, evaluate, and so on… I can and do help creative people to keep on and honor their creative journey. I love to help others to by-pass procrastination and perfectionism and instead get the stuff done that needs doing. We all have blocks that keep us from living our best and most creative lives, but we don’t need to stay blocked.

Let me also be clear, sometimes the next most important thing to do is to swim in the lake with the otters, watch the eagles fly, and take a nap OR walk to the nearest coffee cafe and order a tall hot oat milk latte! Sometimes in rest we hear. The world needs our tender stories. I am here to advocate for more voices to be nurtured and noticed.


Working with Suzanne has pushed me into areas that for me felt uncomfortable and beyond my area of expertise. Areas that I’d never explored and never thought were on my list of choices. In one of our conversations she dropped a seemingly small suggestion on me that opened up a vast world of exploration. It has moved my work into a far greater expansion of ideas and renewed my enthusiasm in the creative process. —Mary



What you get:

You get time with me! I listen. I share. I celebrate you. I give you homework if you want or need action steps. We work out a text feedback system if you need this support. When you work with me, you know someone else is out there and cares about the work you are making and doing. To reiterate, my rate is $50 is for 30 minute zoom sessions. We ideate within the time frame, always so that you can spring into action!

Please note: My rate is $50 rate is for a single session purchase. $35 for 2 or 4 sessions per month. Sessions are 30 minute zoom calls.

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    Manage your subscription through our Subscriber Portal. You have full control to pause or cancel at any time and can track your order history.
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