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my zine people

art process collage SuzZine zine

Each time I begin the process of making the next month's zine in my mind I am thinking, "what would my zine people want?" Ooof! Yea, I think this way! In February "my zine people" received a gift of a hand made hand stitched greeting card to use as they wish. I thought it would be fun to 1) try something new and send work that I make that is experimental, and 2) do some reverse gifting (February is my birthday month). Now that this date has passed, I can show you what I made! Enjoy. First, I got out...

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i name my years

SuzZine zine

2015 Love To Draw 2016 Kuzala (sanskrit for "one who is able") 2017 Two Dogs (I wanted to get a second dog, this is funny to me now) 2018 All In 2019 On Track! 2020 Art Blaze 2021 Pivot 2022 Fit + Fun Why in the world would you care to read about how I name my years? I don't know! Keep reading, there is lots in here to share! And since you are here, let's discuss. Naming my years has yielded me some awesome results that I do not think would have happened if I had not had a...

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sketchbook page turner 41

art art process sketchbook SuzZine

Sketchbook Tour. Sketchbook Page Turner 41 by Suzanne Gibbs Art. Sketchbook of drawings from July 2021— October 2021. This sketchbook includes sketches that can be found in my newest project: SuzZine. SuzZine is a subscription based zine with all sorts of fun creative idea starters: made to inspire your tender stories. SuzZine is new in 2021 and I am still taking new subscriptions. I have been making sketchbook videos since 2017. When I look back they are a record of my thinking and artistic process. Amazing to me that I have continued to do this and post the videos! Whoot!...

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sketchbook SuzZine video zine

Along with my Zine Project... I paint and fill sketchbooks! Lots and lots of sketchbooks! My sketchbooks can be seen page by page on YouTube. Combining writing, drawing, painting and all things Suzanne we reach what I call the world of Suzannisms, my philosophies. I no longer believe in a utopian world. No one person or people can know what is best for all. I found a word that feels more true: protopian. Were incremental progress and steps toward improvement, not perfection are valued.  My zine is made with a nod to encouraging others to unearth their precious tender stories—not...

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shhh, say nothing an artist introduction

drawing painting stickers SuzZine zine

From early 2018 through the end of 2020 I worked on one project. A series of paintings and a book called Shhh, Say Nothing: an honest look at silenced voices. Then, I wanted to make work of a friendlier tone and feel. At the beginning of 2021 I began painting dots. This new series is called, The Dot Dilemma: incessant internal chatter that matters. In June 2021 I imagined, drew, wrote, and published my first zine. SuzZine! I also designed a ton of stickers this year! One series is called Tender Stories. Another series is called Say Something. And a...

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