being tracked

I know we all know we are being tracked these days, but every once in a while I am reminded of how much tracking is actually going on.

Did you know that since making art is a solo experience I often listen to audio books (and sometimes podcasts) while I draw and paint?

Well, the Audible APP knows this about me! They know EXACTLY how many hours I "read books."

The above stats are from 2022.

Are you shocked? I am! How did I read/listen 88 minutes a day? PS. I am almost embarrassed to say, I also read books via audio from the library, and these minutes are not tracked by Audible... gulp!

But yeah, that's me I listen and make. At the same time.

Right, so that's how I end up with full sketchbooks, new ideas, and new art. I am never actually alone, because in my studio while I am making work I am listening to stories and I am fully engaged—ears, eyes, hands. (I also listen to books while driving and while cooking, in case you wondered). Maybe you didn't, but anyway it is true. I love different narrators voices accompanying me throughout my day.

I gotta wonder tho: what WAS I doing on February 16th last year? What book was this? And how can anyone listen for almost NINE hours? LOL, apparently I can!

Here is another stat:

I listen to books almost every day! Crazy! Even I did not know that! 274 days of 2022 I read and read and read books..... nearly 3/4 of the year!

All this reading goes into the work I produce, you know that right?

I mean, how could I possibly consume so much fodder for thought and not share my production and ideas with you?

Yep, I share my wild and crazy brain on books! Making zines and paintings and filling sketchbooks. What goes in must come out, as the old adage says.


PS. Remember Quixotic Giving? The project were I am sharing over 250 works of art via the mail. Well, now you know a little bit about how the making happens.

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