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sketchbook page turner

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Hello Everyone! In this new website and my newly established blog I have not shared a sketchbook video ... until today! I used to try and make one sketchbook video per month. This also means I am filling at least one sketchbook per month! Yep, I try to draw as often as possible. Sometimes I even make my own sketchbooks. For this video though, I simply share one tidbit about how my pages evolve from something I see out in the world into some imaginary creature or world on the page. I hope you enjoy the video! This is Sketchbook...

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i once was a little girl

art collage drawing painting

I was born in the United States in Wisconsin. But at age 4, I moved with my family to Mexico and then Brazil, returning to the United States in time for high school. I once was a little girl who confused what language I ought to be speaking and with whom. I understood airports and airplanes as a way to visit my grandparents and extended family in the United States. I often saw the world from the air over the wings of a jet. Things were so small down there. To make sense of these confusing country and language changes,...

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