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Hello there!

I am retiring my Functional Art shop. But before I do maybe there is an item or two that you have considered purchasing in the past, but didn't.

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None of these items will arrive in time for Christmas or the Holidays. All my functional art pieces are made to order by a fulfillment center affiliated with a company called Printful.

I was at one time really excited about these products, I even own several of them and use them regularly: a notebook, a sweatshirt, and a water bottle.

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However, the more we deal with supply chain issues, inflation, and global warming—among other things—the more I feel that these "fast fashion" "ready made" items do no align with what I want for my brand: Suzanne Gibbs Art + SuzZine. They do not have the intentionalilty of my work embedded in them—only my art on them.

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In my studio everything is handcrafted with great care, patience, love, and skill. A great deal of the things I make are made with repurposed materials and/or handcrafted new materials sourced from small one-person makers and business owners.

I love the tactility of handcrafted paper. I relish working with handmade paints. I honor and support an Oregonian company that has been making my paint panels for me now for over 5 years.

When I purchase something I often take a look at what I have bought and as I open up the bag or box and I wonder: what, if any, of these materials (besides the item I bought) can I save and use in a new way?

A few months ago I shipped an entire SuzZine made from cut up and reassembled catalogs and magazines! My subscribers told me that seeing print media mashed up helped them to see the way that media tries to influence us unduly and unnecessarily.

When I make something that did not turn out as expected I will often take it apart and reconstruct the piece. About 50% of my MFA work was reconstructed and self-altered work, and I seem to keep this habit in my studio nearly 10 years past graduation (May 2013).

A sample of art reassembled. Click image to purchase.

My Functional Art shop will close in February 2023. Until then please do buy that which has delighted you, I love my sweatshirt, notebook, and water bottle! However, as I said, I want to move to handmade one of a kind work from here forward.

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Maybe I will buy one of my bags before I retire her! Go Go Girl!

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