functional art items retire soon

In about 10 days all the functional art items on my website will be retired. I announced this change here.

Link to purchase functional art products.

This does not mean I am closing shop, not at all. What I am doing is making sure that what I offer is in line with my values.

I value hand crafted items made with care, so that (except for stickers) what I make by hand will be what I will focus on selling and gifting moving forward.

Things like handcrafted one-of-a-kind sketchbooks.

And SuzZine that ships monthly.

And as always, my paintings! Which are available with Participatory Pricing— meaning you pay for my work at the value you perceive and choose. Read more about participatory pricing here. And thank you for your patronage.

Dots 32, Baby Blue + Peach Pattern, Tan, Teal & Salmon Pattern. 2021. Original Art. Flashe Paint, White Ink, and Collage. Collage Painting. One in a series of paintings called the Dot Dilemma.

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