sketchbok page turner 45

Sketchbook Tour. Sketchbook Page Turner Video 45. Handmade sketchbook of patterns—made with watercolor and Posca Pens.

This sketchbook is made with one specific theme in mind—patterns—and is now available in my Curiosities Collection. Read to the end for a special offer.

As I continue on my path of learning how to put my own handcrafted books together I am also thinking about how to encourage others to make their internal ideas and stories visible.

I welcome feedback and/or suggestions or questions on this topic—because tender stories matter.

Do you want to learn how to make a book like this one? Cool! Let's talk. I offer thirty minute mentoring sessions to encourage others on their personal exploration of creativity.

Purchase the book featured in this article and I will gift you a lesson on how to make one yourself! I am checking to see who reads my posts. Are you ready to zoom together? I am!

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  • Jim on

    Oh are these the one a day sketches which I see from other YouTube videos. Or are the sketchbooks in addition? I know what you say very calming but for an amateur it would be a tremendous amount of work that you have areas of accidental blotches and out of place black lines!

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