A collection of paintings by Suzanne Gibbs Art. The Dot Dilemma: incessant internal chatter that matters is my newest series, begun in 2021.

The Dot Dilemma series invented itself while I was sleeping and awake—these paintings insisted on being painted beginning early in 2021. My body asked for me to make circles and to look through the world via a small circular openings. I actually walked around for months with a circle cut out of a piece of painted cardboard. I had several of these, in different colors. My little peek holes into the world.

In my body I realized that through COVID-19 we stand on dots and we operate as if we had bubbles surrounding us in public. We move around one another as if to say, "don't come near me, watch out" and at the same time we are expressing the idea of "I respect your space, your body, and your health." I am interested in this push pull of human existence.

I am interested in why I chat with myself about these space bubbles when I go outside of my home. Sometimes I feel safe. Sometimes I feel anxious. Sometimes I feel angry. I paint from my experiences.

I also think of the circle as metaphor—there are no edges, no endings and no beginnings, we are all one. We are all in this pandemic together. And even with the seriousness of life in a pandemic I see that our existence is not all horrible and that dots represent playful moments in life. We are living in troubled times and dots can remind us of our universal truths and commonalities. Dots are the beginning of something new.

New in 2022! From now on my paintings will be based on participatory pricing. What this means is that you will set the value of the work within your budget. You pay what the work is worth for you. At checkout there will continue to be shipping and handling fees and a minimum base price equal to the value of the materials. Beyond that, you will choose whatever amount you would like to pay. The joy for me is in knowing that you are enjoying the work that you fell in love with and want to own.