Hello! Thank you for your interest.

My name is Suzanne, Zoie (aka Zo-Bear) says Hi too!

Please call me to discuss a project or to place an order over the phone.  A brief voice-to-voice chat is often much more enjoyable and direct than email. I welcome Collaborations, Commissions, and Freelance Opportunities! I’ll be delighted to hear from you, thank you.

Email: artist@suzannegibbs dot com (Thanks for understanding that I wrote my email this way. I was receiving quite a few unsolicited and unnecessary emails for a few months.)

To reach Suzanne by phone/text: 541-253-1258

Regular Mail: PO BOX 1423, WHITE SALMON, WA 98672

A little known secret:
Mail me a Zine and I will mail you one in return, free!

A second secret:

Mail me a few USA stamps and I will drop a SuzZine in the mail for you.

Something that is not really a secret:
I love mailing art!