threads of story

About Suzanne

and how the Shhh Project began.

Working in an always present sketchbook. Putting pen to paper, she begins with what she sees and inevitably evolves into how she feels. Making sense of the world one word, line, stitch, blob, or dot at a time.
Her constant exploration of social norms and the roles of women in society holds her attention most vehemently. As such, she calls upon her viewer’s understanding of daily production and repetitive work—work so often fulfilled by women, especially in the home sphere.
Meaningless abstractions of societal constructs become the image. The threads of women’s stories and their contributions hold together her version of beauty.
The Shhh Book now available online for reading. HERE
©2020, Suzanne Gibbs, Hear Me, Flashe paint and paper on cradled wood panel, 24 x 48 inches, $3,600.
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