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shatter the tiny moment


I am here to help others to shatter that moment—that tiny moment—when we are on the auto-pilot of our conditioning and we silence ourselves. I am excited to help women to hear themselves and then share inner realities—the stuff of life that has gone ignored for too long. We all have a unique story to tell. In story we make sense of the world, making room for change. Long forgotten stories and the new ones we make each day. We swim along our life path, and we can make a difference. Mother hen knows best. Paying attention to our conditioning,...

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shhh, say nothing an artist introduction

drawing painting stickers SuzZine zine

From early 2018 through the end of 2020 I worked on one project. A series of paintings and a book called Shhh, Say Nothing: an honest look at silenced voices. Then, I wanted to make work of a friendlier tone and feel. At the beginning of 2021 I began painting dots. This new series is called, The Dot Dilemma: incessant internal chatter that matters. In June 2021 I imagined, drew, wrote, and published my first zine. SuzZine! I also designed a ton of stickers this year! One series is called Tender Stories. Another series is called Say Something. And a...

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