sticker party

Inventory reduction!

A sticker party made only for my newsletter subscribers. Any five stickers for the price of one.

What's the catch?

No catch! You order. I ship. You enjoy.

  1. Add stickers to your new 2023 day-timer!
  2. Add a sticker to your water bottle or travel coffee mug.
  3. Share a sticker with a friend.
  4. Stick a sticker on on a journal or sketchbook.
  5. Add a sticker to a new laptop or portable device.

See, it's a party! A sticker party.

Samples of some of the designs below. View the rest on my website here.







Sticker Party lasts only as long as my current inventory holds up. When they are sold out, the party ends.

PS. These sticker prices are below my cost for the product. This allows me to have a party with you for the New Year! Thank you for your continued support of my work, you are the BEST.


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