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Hello Everyone! In this new website and my newly established blog I have not shared a sketchbook video ... until today!

I used to try and make one sketchbook video per month. This also means I am filling at least one sketchbook per month! Yep, I try to draw as often as possible. Sometimes I even make my own sketchbooks.

For this video though, I simply share one tidbit about how my pages evolve from something I see out in the world into some imaginary creature or world on the page.

I hope you enjoy the video!

This is Sketchbook Tour 37. There are 36 other sketchbook videos on my YouTube Channel.

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  • Jenny on

    Hi Suzanne,
    I loved the insights into your sketchbook! While I accompanied you through its pages, I often paused the video to read and look closer at the sketches. It is inviting how you combine what you see around you with your imagination to create them. Like the wagon wheel eyes, horseshoe hair and the face made up of podcast control icons! Thank you for sharing 💛

  • Marilyn on

    Love it!

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