What if.

What if we could dig a hole big enough to hold our grief?

What if.

What if we could dig a tunnel to Afghanistan to help all the people, women and children especially, who want to get out of Taliban rule?

What if.

In August of 2021 an artist I met while living in Los Angeles (and attending school for my MFA) dugg a hole. A very large hole. Full of meaning and full of community. A huge displacement of dirt. Is her hole enough to hold the grief of all? Heck no! 

Still. Better a huge hole than no hole at all.

Her hole is much like the empty space of the dots I have been painting and photographing. 




The world really really needs our creative input. Maybe dig a hole or make a hole or draw a hole and write inside of it or outside of it. Let's use the idea of a hole as a place to hold our emotions. I'd rather pay attention to my feelings rather than allowing my feelings to free-fall into a black hole of endless nothingness.

©2020. White Dots on Dark Grey, mixed media, 16 x 16 inches.

Oh, yes! Here is the article about digging a hole to contain grief.

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