open up

I know I talked to you last week about my sketchbook, and here I am again in sketchbook land.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of the practice of giving myself space and time to fill pages upon pages of a sketchbook using a pen and my imagination. This is, to my overall practice as an artist, essential—like air and water is to a human.

Without a sketchbook many of my paintings would not exist, nor would the books I have written and illustrated. Most of all, SuzZINE would not be approaching year THREE of publication!!! Yes! Can you believe it?!?! On June 1st I will be sending zine issue 23, which is actually issue 24 because I began with issue zero!

I have made 24 zines, thanks to my sketchbook practice.

In July I will be celebrating 2 years with an all new special issue! Last year July was a DOUBLE issue full to the brim with ONLY illustrations! No stories. No games. Just art! Maybe I'll do that again this year, maybe not. The only way to find out is to order your copy!!!

So back to the main idea here: open up!

I hope that by viewing my sketchbook videos they open you up to new ideas for your life, your work, your stories. 'Cause in the end, our creativity makes the world a much more rich and diverse place to call home.


Also, in case you need more ways to open up, SuzZine is designed to delight and encourage you to be creative—because your tender stories matter a great deal.

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