four years ago

On February 13, 2018, My Year of Separation was released to the public, this was my second book.

I'd like to celebrate the anniversary of the release of this book with a brief sale of all the items in my Curiosities Collection, including the book itself.

Please use MYYEAR for your 20% off discount of all items listed in the Curiosities section of my shop. I have a very very limited number of copies left—less than 10—this may be the last year I will be able to share this book with my audience.

This sale is active now and ends on Valentine's Day.


The book includes a limited number of hand-drawn illustrations such as the one below.

Here is one review:
A bold, impressive journey—the journey being the point.
Gibbs' longtime craving, a hiatus from others' needs and her own expectations, proved to be bumpy, courageous and raw. Deliberately exposing herself by her determination to journal through it, with candid honesty she revealed her extreme vulnerability, the strength to accept her own imperfections, and, perhaps the most difficult—to allow love in—of strangers, loved ones, and particularly of herself. She bravely stepped through her own looking glass. There's a saying floating around, nowadays: What others think about you is none of your business. This was a gift of one person's emergence. Kudos.
My Year of Separation is 90 Pages, Limited Print Run. Publication Date: February 13, 2018.
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