women's voices

There is no mystery, women feel silenced all over the globe.

From 2018-2020 I made paintings to represent my thoughts on women who feel silenced, including myself.

The painting below is different from many images in the series in that it shows the back of a woman looking out a blank window. The other paintings in the series are mostly portraits of the faces of women, albeit very abstracted.

Empty Waiting, Mixed Media Collage, 16 x 16 inches, Suggested Price $1,600.

I recently found an article for a woman, Zeenat, that is selling cosmetics to women in order to fund and support her desire to fund a women's center that will give them a place to learn and grow. She wants to help these women, who feel silenced, find their voice. Found in: Now Entertainment News

Zeenat is not waiting emptily. My friend and gallery owner Xristine is one such woman. She has opened a gallery & art shop that also hosts art workshops for women who wish to open up their creativity, neighborhood children and local college students. She also hosts a slew of women artist shows. Sadly, Neon Moon, as she calls her space, was randomly vandalized last month.

So, in order to help out her small and wonderful shop I have decided to greatly reduce my commission for pieces hosted in her space (thankfully none of my work was vandalized in the break-in).

Empty Waiting is available for sale with Xristine and Neon Moon.

Contact Email: neonmoonartsupplies@gmail.com let Xristine know about this article. Thanks for supporting not one but TWO small business owners with one purchase, Xristine and I are grateful! We intend to share our voices and encourage women everywhere to do the same.

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