Hi There Friend,

I am in the process of building this site and adding new products as fast as I can. Attempting to make this site and all things Suzanne as easy and friendly as possible.

You might have known me as Suzanne Gibbs Art. You may have known me from Etsy or Patreon. Never-mind all that! This is your one-stop shop for communicating with me, and getting your name on my mailing list for a new friendly monthly Zine that arrives in your actual physical mailbox.

So much of the world is digital, but I believe in physical gifts of my creativity in your hands! SuzZINE is chock-full of Suzanneisms and creativity starters to encourage you to share your tender stories—with yourself and with the world at large.

I believe whimsy can be powerfully serious. To reach my innermost power I make room for creating in my life everyday. I make drawings, collage, paintings, and importantly write long-form pages in a notebook all with the idea of tapping into my inner world—a place where I cultivate a joyful, calm and utopic universe.

Thank you so much for being here,

Namasté (may the light in you shine bright)


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