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paticipatory pricing

art blue painting teal

New in 2022! From now on my paintings will be based on participatory pricing. What this means is that the customer will set the value of the work. You pay what the work is worth to you. At checkout there will continue to be shipping and handling fees and a minimum base price to cover materials costs. Beyond that, you will choose whatever you would like to pay. The joy for me is in knowing that you are enjoying the work you fell in love with and that inspires beauty and joy in your space. Thank you for your patronage.

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art painting

I recently read (part of) an in depth study that confirms that when we see faces in things—like tree bark patterns, peanut butter bread with a banana smile and raisin eyes, googly eyes glued to a rock, and so on... the default face is nearly always seen as: male. Arggghhh, really? How can this be? There are 50% women living on planet earth! OK, so it is what it is! Then I thought, well, I can share some of the images of my Shhh, Say Nothing: an honest look at silenced voices series! You tell me, do you see male...

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art brown collage cream moss painting pattern

When new systems of social structure become adopted, they too will not be forever systems. As in nature, change is inevitable. How we respond to it is up to us.

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art orange painting pattern teal

The other day I was having a conversation with a fellow artist about wallpaper. She plans to paint wallpaper motifs into her still-life painting. We talked about wallpaper as it is used as a decorative element, often chosen by women, to adorn walls in rooms in homes. This conversation had me thinking about William Morris and his desire to combat industrialization with craft and handmade items of beauty—including wallpaper. You can learn a little bit more about him here. Then this mini dive into Morris' history (I recall doing quite a bit of research on his arts and craft shops...

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feminism isn't working

art collage drawing painting

In 2021 I stumbled upon this article, and at the time I knew I wanted to save and savor the idea, but I had no idea how to share my thoughts around the article. In the title of this blog I said: feminism isn't working OK, we start from there. Is this true that feminism isn't working? Yes, in many ways we could 100% argue that feminism is a word, a concept, and a political viewpoint that has merits, but has not fulfilled any or enough promises. So sadly yea, feminism is not working. There is one line in the...

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