studio visit 20

A brief look back...

At one issue of SuzZine that I am especially proud of. May 2022. Watch to see!

Also, did you know that I never ever share the interior contents of SuzZine?

Why? Because I think that keeping the contents private to only those who have received a copy in the mail, allows me to make sure that SuzZine IS real mail—thus making each issue more precious than if all the content was available all over the internet or on my website.

The downside of this is the need for trust. Can my readers trust that I will deliver something fun, new, and worthy of their time every single month?

Another downside is that I do not show the work in my marketing efforts... again trust. You gotta trust that you'll like what you get. The good thing is that SuzZine is not like buying a puppy or a Picasso, the initial investment is around $10 not priceless!

Only you can judge if the price is right. I do my best to provide my best work. Every month on the first of the month, I visit the post office with a big box of envelopes filled with SuzZine. A small publication of ideas, fun, and whimsy.

Available at this link.


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