stamps & cash

Lately, I have had a few people mail me stamps and cash in the mail while also thanking me for sending them their free copy of SuzZine.

A gift of stamps and cash is automatically met with me sending an additional SuzZine or two! Because a fan of Suzanne is a fan and a customer too!

While I would prefer a subscription sign-up (ease of tracking) I am OPEN to other means of payment. For example, I have a small select few zine-ster friends with whom I trade zines! I mean, if they are going to send me some of their work—which totally inspires me—I am of course going to send some work back in reciprocation.

stamps & cash or trade

I ask you, when is the last time you received actual cash, like a fiver or a twenty in the mail? When I was younger this was common practice—before Venmo and PayPal and Zelle! Cash feels like fun. Also, it is real and it stinks and it is covered in germs and sometimes even has tears or writing on it! I mean who doesn't want all this in a letter?!?!? LOL But seriously, like cash, SuzZine is low tech on purpose. I really want people to feel like they are holding a precious little something. Because well, ya know, screens are so ubiquitous now. And real mail is old fashioned, but still so real!

As to sending me stamps in the mail, sure that's cool too! Because then I can pay these stamps forward. I must say though, one stamp does not equal one SuzZine. I think 5 stamps is about an ok ratio to cover my costs. Ten stamps and you are beginning to pay me for my work.

So there you have it! A new way to have a zine appear in your mail box. Mail me cash or stamps! I wonder what other things you all can think of as an exchange for a zine?

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