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I have been knee deep, maybe actually chest deep, and not always sitting... while sewing paper to paper after the paper has been watercolor washed and sometimes cut to size (the collage pieces, not the art paper).

My Quixotic Giving Project began with some parameters. This is how I typically work my way into a new series. I set some boundaries and then I go to work.

When the boundaries feel constricting rather than adding to my curiosity, I move on. Except this time. Because one of the parameters was to make at least 250 pieces or enough art to reach my entire mailing list!

I am still making the work. I thought I'd let you in on a small piece of the process.

Shown above are some of the tools that have become very familiar.

Shown above is how I store my embroidery floss so that it becomes easier to choose a color. I did not start out this way, but in making so many pieces the organization of my tools and supplies became a necessary part of the process.

A huge worktable helps too! What I do is layout about 20 "starts" at a time and then decide on the collage layer. "Starts" are the 5 x 5 paper with dry watercolor. I made the watercolor layer the same way, in batches of 25-30.

To do the embroidery, I punch holes with a sharp awl. This tool is from bookbinding. As you may remember I have made sketchbooks in the past and curiosity books too (video example). The cardboard under the punched art is the back of a used pad of watercolor paper from a different project. Often artists keep supplies that can serve more than their original use.

The threads on the back get finished with artists tape. I sometimes also tie the ends, but over time I have found artists tape to be quicker. And because it lays flat these would be easier to frame. I have a different way of finishing the threads for the marks and lines I make using my sewing machine, they are prone to unravel if I do not secure them.

All the backs get my website stamp, my signature stamp, and a date stamp too!

This is what a finished stack looks like before I take images of the work. After I take images I place them in an envelope with a note. The front of the envelopes get an address, my return address, and a stamp. To seal the envelopes I have learned that a glue stick works fast and better than the glue seal on the back flap. I also add a personalized Suzanne sticker with a smiley face!

Suzanne Gibbs ©2023. Stitch Art 90, watercolor, embroidery floss and thread on paper, 5 x 5 inches. (not available)

To order your free Quixotic Art before I end this project simply email me! I'd be happy to fill your order.

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