pause (sort of)

The Quixotic Giving Project is ongoing and also experiencing a tremendous pause. A pause in shipping, that is.

I am making new work!

Once 150 pieces went out the door, I needed to double down and make more art. That is what is on the studio table now.

(above) Studio table with drying paint on 5 x 5 paper.

My absolute favorite paint brush. It gobbles and shares water like no other brush in my collection.

A syringe for water and a few new colors from Beam Paints (that I bought for my Birthday for myself).

This next step is planning layout ideas. This part is collage of dots before anything becomes one.

After planning layouts I will begin to sew paper to paper—no glue will be used. I stitch with either embroidery floss or my Bernette sewing machine. In some cases both methods of stitch making will be used.

I'd like you to understand, what I have shared here is not a step-by-step recipe for making hundreds of pieces of art. In fact, as I take my pause in sending the art out into the world and instead share the making process, there are s many steps I have not shown here. But isn't that part of the intrigue?

I do this work from and for the energy it creates.

I share my work for similar reasons—the push and pull of connection is energetic between viewer and maker. Energy flows: from and for one another.

Until next week, Namasté (may our energies honor one another)

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