how is it made?

how is it made?

SuzZine is a labor of love, all made by hand and heart. Each copy is individually signed.

And folded.

Everything is done in batches of about 20.

And stapled by hand... you may see a crease in your copy, I do not yet own a long-arm stapler!

Like I said a labor of love.

Once they are all stapled it is time to pull out envelopes! The envelopes are addressed, stamps are added later.

Each SuzZine is added to an envelope with a sticker! New sticker designs each month.

I adore thinking about the recipients while I am a processor of mail. Oh, and in case you wondered, no I do not lick every envelope! Covid... germs, but also yuck, too much gunk for my tongue! I use a rag and a squirt bottle of water to moisten each flap!

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