Dot Dilemma

Dot Dilemma

The Dot Dilemma, why am I using dots as a means to express my current thoughts, feelings, and ideas?

Mainly becasue attempting to take in everything that is going on in the world right now is downright impossible and also mostly depressing. However, when I look at life through the negative space of a dot I can choose joy, beauty, and the minutia of life that is most important in This Moment. Like a visual mediation.

I think what we all want is to look at the pandemic as something that happened, that is finished, and that is in the past. Instead we must take a look a the world with COVID-19 in the mirror.

What I mean by looking into a mirror is that we each must decide what we can or will do to keep ourselves, our families, our friends, and our communities healthy. Not only healthy in the sense of COVID-19 free (might be nearly impossible), but healthy in terms of emotional health, the use of our imaginations, and creative lives.

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, what have you done this summer that is purely for the joy of life? I like to take my dog out paddling, Zoie just loves being with me, on the water and off! PS Two days ago I purchased a life-vest for her so that we could go out a bit further in safety. For those of you below the equator, have you gone sledding, taken a hike in the rain, or sat in front of a fire with hot cocoa?

If physical activity seems a chore, can you turn on your imagination? Play a game, make a card for someone, learn to knit (something I want to learn), or something else?

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The Dot Dilemma, a zine called SuzZine, is my little way of making the world a slightly more livable place. Connection through the mail to bring smiles to people's faces!

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