ditch the boss

My painting (as shown above) Armless Juggle is a nod to women everywhere who have tried to live by the terms of social norms or other people's expectations.

Living for others is possible, but ultimately not healthy.

Armless Juggle is the boss! Since women are increasingly working as entrepreneurs and working from home this painting can be a reminder of that feeling of not being enough, not having enough time to juggle everything, and importantly knowing that we are not alone in this juggle to make the world fit us. There is also hope in this painting! A ladder to indicate a path in some direction (but maybe not up or down) and a flow of river water reminding us that nature can take circuitous paths to reach results desired.

The three pink balls have not dropped, she is managing the juggle like a boss.

You might notice subtle hints of a grid in shadow on this painting. I painted over a grid of collage squares and left out some of the squares in the grid because I feel as though women can create new and better future realities for life and home. The grid is meant to be re-imagined and rearranged.

This painting is available at Neon Moon in Los Angeles (Claremont) California. For the month of November, the prices of my paintings are 100% negotiable with Xristine at Neon Moon. You can reach her at: neonmoonartsupplies@gmail.com 

Last month her store was the unfortunate recipient of random vandalism. In an attempt to help them out, I have offered a very reduced commission percentage to myself for any work that sells this month.

©2019, Armless Juggle, mixed media collage, 16 x 16 inches on cradled wood panel, suggested retail is: $1600.

Let's choose to be imaginative and confident out loud, and importantly juggle those pink balls and take the paths less followed—our paths! So yes, let's ditch the boss, and be our own best advocates while supporting other women entrepreneurs.

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