another solo show

Producing a solo gallery exhibit utilizes many of the skills I learned in my "adulting" years.Most of which is to stay on task. Interestingly there is a huge list of task, a few of which are:

Gathering necessary supplies.

Painting 50+ paintings and/or studies.
Curating a cohesive body of work from said paintings.
Writing an artist statement and other marketing materials.
Editing & proofing all writing and adding words to social media, website, archived inventory, marketing materials, and other places.

Photographing the art (or hiring a professional for this)
Framing the art (if needed). If not framing, then wire for hanging. Then include writing any information on the work itself.
Signing the art.

Designing & printing marketing materials.
Marketing the event in any possible way I can think of.

Estimating expenses. Then re-estimating. Then worry.
Scheduling. So much scheduling.

This is not an exhastive list. Just a brief overview. Will you come to my next opening?

June 7th 2024. At SG Studio Gallery, 108 3rd Street, Hood River, Oregon.

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