Go See Art!

I help you to Go See Art!

Do you wonder how you could ever learn to appreciate contemporary, modern, and other kinds of art? Do you feel intimidated by how others seem to know how to view art? Would you like to learn? You can! I can teach you.

We Go See Art! Together.


  1. I want to bring the joy that art viewing can bring into your life.
  2. I want you to you see the beauty, spirit, and creativity behind the art and the artist.
  3. I want you to move towards feeling your own power of knowing through viewing art.
  4. I want you to FEEL GOOD about your own interpretations of viewing art.
  5. Build your knowledge of the history leading up to today’s current contemporary art.
  6. Together we can create meaning through seeing art through each others knowledge.
  7. Release your happy and feel good endorphin’s in your body, to uplift your day and your life.
  8. Improve your own creative adventures, because the more work you look at the more knowledge you have to work from in creating your own work (art or any kind of creative endeavors).
  9. I want to help you to feel more confident in your own “taste” and “aesthetic style” of art.

How do we do this?

  •  We set a date.
  • We pick a place. A gallery, a museum, and art fair, or any other place that shows art that you want to see.
  • I confirm with you two days before our art adventure.
  • We meet each other at the art venue, or we drive together.
  • We enter the art venue.
  • We Go See Art! Together.

How long do we meet and how much does this cost?

  • $80 for a half day (under 4 hours)
  • $120 for a full day (over 4 hours)
  • We will share a meal or snack together
  • Price does not include fuel, food, or venue fees.
  • Bring a friend (up to 10) for only an additional $10 per person (groups are much more fun)
  • If I come to your city, we will arrange custom pricing

I adore bringing others in front of art to enjoy the moment of SEEING. I love sharing ways of helping people to REALLY see art. Honestly, I love going to see art for myself too! Sharing the wonder of art brings me joy, beauty, and wonder. Even more so when I can SHARE the art experience with YOU.

This class was developed because I myself was once very intimidated by viewing art and I DO NOT want you to feel this way. I want you to joyously anticipate gallery openings and museum shows. We can build communities of educated art viewers by sharing our collective knowledge.

Why hire me?

  • I am an avid art fan having studied art since 1983.
  • I am a trained Teaching Artist.
  • I am well versed in Visual Thinking Strategies.
  • I hold both a Bachelors of Fine art and a Master of Fine Art degree, but I dislike hoity toity academic mumbo jumbo. With me, we Go See Art! plain and simple and profound too!

The best part is: no homework! Shared friendship and creating our own fun! PLUS you WILL learn to see art through your own eyes, I promise.

Use the contact page to hire me. By the way, I live in Humbolt County California. I’ll need to get paid for expenses (in trade works too) if you want me to visit your city. Just ask, I love to travel!