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In Suzanne’s words:

I love to brighten peoples’ day through guided art projects—not always with the goal of mastery, but often “just for the fun of creating.” I believe in bringing people together to “make something.” Workshop attendees often walk away with much more than a piece of art. I like to encourage group connection, personal growth, laughter, and a chance to share as a positive result of playful art-making gatherings. My experience in making this happen comes not only from a life-long love of art and community service but also a masters degree in Fine Art as well as Communication.

Below are samples of all-age community based drawing events and workshops:


“I had the good fortune to take a hands-on workshop with Suzanne at Encausticon 2013 Conference. Suzanne is warm and inclusive. She provided the group with really good technical information, fielded a wide range of questions, and challenged us to explore rather than think about color mixing. A great experience!” Lola

“There’s something fun going on in Suzanne’s Art Workshops. While everyone may be working toward the same end result, the roads they take to get there are so different, and as such, the final outcomes are unique, varied, surprising, and fun!” Samantha

“The projects were very appropriate for all levels and the participants seemed excited to learn about art and drawing. Suzanne has a vast knowledge of all areas of art which make it fun and interesting, and she tries to make the projects simple enough so all people can think they are amazing artists!” Tina

“Thanks Suzanne for a great presentation! I learned so much. Didn’t realize how complex it is to work with encaustic medium. Learning about how to do certain types of art really makes you appreciate its beauty even more.” Thank you, Libby